Summer Loving


Another summer has come and gone and living in this tourist town (Ocean City, MD) is starting to get pretty deserted like it does when its off season. So, looking back at summer of 2019, two words come to mind: growth and beauty. I can’t tell you how much personal growth i’ve been trying to accomplish these past few months to better myself as a human. Times of difficulty continue to try me and most of the times I give in, but i’m learning to stand my ground and choose to be happy. I say beauty because of all the wonderful adventures and experiences with great friends from the past and my present were able to go on. I love how you know its kind of “meant to be” when your childhood bestie and college bestie meet and become besties themselves lol. I’ve always wanted solid friends and i’m thankful I have them

The summer officially started Memorial Day weekend at Secrets with my two best friends, Kat and Taylor, and a group of 10 other people celebrating my sister, Bethany’s birthday and Memorial Day weekend. We were able to get out on the water in the sun and drink and enjoy the life we are given.


I couldn't be more appreciative for getting connected with a local, Maryland-based alcohol brand, Hoop Tea. I started working with them by covering events and doing promotional and social media work with their go-to gal, Taylor.

I explored more around West Ocean City and Ocean Pines to really get to know our new neighborhood.. theres so much around! Plus exploring your neighborhood means finding yard sales and awesome deals on bikes and other goodies! My mom picked up three amazing bikes for our family and it was actually the first time I rode a bike again since I broke my arm (don’t text and ride kids) in 14 years.


June was truly a new beginning. I started seeing changes in my mood, the people I was surrounding myself with and my actions. I started wanted to get out more and be more social and found more activities to do with the family.

We got to see the Air Force’s Blue Angels perform from the Ocean Pines Yacht Club on the Ocean City beach. My high school BFF Taylor came to visit for a long weekend which was a total blessing because she literally brought good luck (besides her broken foot). She helped me reconnect with people from the past and basically gave me another chance at a great opportunity.


Fourth of July, and July in general, was filled with home cooked meals, crabbing off the back dock, and being on the water with my friends and family and playing in the yard with Millie girl. We decided to buy a pool from Walmart (and set it up on the fourth of July), which was a total blessing in disguise because it got super hot really fast and we used that thing non-stop!

Featured on  @oceancitymaryland  Instagram

Featured on @oceancitymaryland Instagram


Half way through the summer, Bethany and I took a trip back up to the city! Our apartment showers decided to break so that was a difficult time, but we had a girls weekend and invited a few of our friends over to sip champagne and eat some snacks by our rooftop pool while the weathers still nice!

The city gets soooo hot and we like to to enjoy the time at home with family, especially while we still can!

The beginning of August means fishing tournaments with the family! Big Fish, White Marlin Open, and Poor Girls Open are just a few of my favorites but theres SO MANY. Plus if you’re interested in this type of stuff, I highly suggest checking out the movie “The Five Days in August” on Amazon. Its about the White Marlin Open (the worlds largest billfish tournament) and gives great detail into how the tournament works while keeping you interested in the rivalry between boats.

Big Fish Classic at M.R. Ducks

Big Fish Classic at M.R. Ducks

Kat visited and we got to share our love for fishing and being weird with each other, which is perfect timing lol.

One of the coolest experiences of the White Marlin Open (WMO) has to be watching all the boats go out early in the morning around 4AM. This tournament was special due to the record breaking number of fishing boats that competed in the tournament (401) and also because good ol’ Michael Jordan (otherwise known as MJ) blessed us with his presence and fishing skills by entering as well. MJ brought his yacht, Catch 23, all the way to Ocean City with his crew and docked at Sunset Marina, the hub of the entire week. Although MJ didn’t win big, he sure won the hearts of all the locals (and visitors) this amazing week had to offer!


After the hustle and bustle calmed down from the WMO, we noticed there was a Beach Boys concert happening about a half hour away from our house so I decided to get tickets to go with mom and Bethany! it was honestly such a crazy experience from watching them perform on Full House when I was younger, to listening to their music throughout my teenage years, to finally seeing them in person with my family. I’m learning that its this time with my family spending days on the beach and having girls weekends with my sister and friends, we can’t take life for granted. Every moment is happening for a reason and we need to accept what we are given and take everything for what it’s worth- especially if it’s sunny and 80 degreed outside!


Besides seeing the Beach Boys, we added the Eli Young Band and Granger Smith to our list of concerts we’ve attended! Both were incredible, but couldn’t compare to when our grandparents came to visit for two days! We got to take a trip down memory lane, drove to Bethany Beach and Rehobeth Beach (where they took my dad and uncles growing up and then my sister and I when we were kids). I always loved and looked forward to being on the beach and spending time with family and am happy I have those memories to cherish and look back on.

Being in a new place means staring new traditions and one of ours is going to Sunfest! It basically marks the end of summer here in Ocean City and its filled with food tents, vendors, music, and so much more because its steps away from the inlet and boardwalk! I’m so thankful to create these memories and even though I do still have some regrets and things I wish I could do over, I know i’m still learning and i’m happy how summer 2019 turned out.


Until next summer (and the first one of the new decade), xoxo