‘It’s the season

The best time of the year has finally came and gone and no matter what you celebrate, I hope you celebrated with family and that you focused on them and not technology or about what you received. My family and I wanted to make this Christmas meaningful by giving to and spending time with each other and enjoying each others’ presence.

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Christmas Eve, Eve


One of my favorite parts was setting the table with my sister, Bethany. She has THE BEST style and decoration sense and it continues to amaze me! With her help, we made a table that was picture perfect and ready for our big dinner!


Filled with Homemade sangria and preparations for our first of two dinners to celebrate Christmas, our Christmas Eve, Eve was one I’m going to remember for a while! It was my family’s first time cooking prime rib and, thanks to my sister, turned our amazingly and we al contributed to make the dinner such a success!


Christmas Eve


My family and I decided to just take an easy today to relax and reboot for Christmas Day. We took a family walk, made homemade toffee, decorated gingerbread houses, and continued the tradition my grandparents started of finding the pickle on the tree! Bethany found it this year and as her gift, she gets to choose which broadway show we’re going to see this January (which really is a win for us all)!


Christmas Day

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This was the best First Christmas we could have ever had in our new home!! We woke up in our matching pajamas, had photo shoots in front of the tree, ate breakfast and had dinner number two to celebrate Christmas! We picked up a chicken last minute the day before (thank god) and made it a dinner to remember with the same perfect place settings and decorative menus!


We were able to watch some home movies that my mom had transferred into dvd’s and that was probably the best gift that I’ve received in a while. Being able to see my dad and his actions was wonderful and I can’t wait to get through all the old home videos!