2018: A Year in Review


This past year has given me a lot to be thankful for. Between the places I've traveled to and the new people i’ve been able to meet, I feel that 2018 definitely forced me to push boundaries and force myself out of my comfort zone and looking back, I wouldn’t want to change a thing. I’ve experienced some amazing opportunities like covering New York Fashion Week (TWICE) for my sister, The Chic Bee, traveling to Florida multiple times, moving to New York City and accomplishing two internships simultaneously while moving into our beautiful new home that our mom decided to buy this past summer!


Some of my New Year resolutions are:

  • to have more genuine relationships

  • talk to my grandparents more

  • save money (but also treat myself when I deserve it)

  • get back into a healthy workout routine

  • keep more of an open mind and heart

  • draw more

So.. since I haven’t updated my life in a while, here are some highlights to show you some of my favorite moments of 2018!



A month full of new beginnings.

The year started off with winter semester classes to catch up on credits and a snow storm hit Ocean City and turned it into a winter wonderland! While writing papers for my English class, I practiced and participated with my sorority in my final recruitment as a sister! It was so sad but I was so ready to get our new girls and see what else this year had in store.




We finally got our PHI’s (another name for new members in Phi Mu) and it was great to celebrate and get to know all of them more. This month was also my first opportunity to photograph New York Fashion Week and their Spring/Summer collections!! It was a complete dream come true and it’s all thanks to my sister, The Chic Bee Blog!




March was filled with stu(dying) and sorority events! I was finally able to expand my family line even more when my little decided to get one of her own!! My G-lit, Em, is the sweetest, most adventurous gal I know (besides me) and she’s the absolute PERFECT addition to our goofy line.

My sorority (Phi Mu) and Sigma Alpha Epsilon held a Toss for a Cure philanthropy event to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

My sorority (Phi Mu) and Sigma Alpha Epsilon held a Toss for a Cure philanthropy event to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.


IMG_7820 3.JPG
IMG_7819 3.JPG
IMG_7822 3.JPG
IMG_7824 3.JPG
IMG_7823 4.JPG

I’M TEWNTY-TWO!!! I celebrated my T-Swift year by eating lots of food, enjoying enjoying my family and my surroundings, BUT most importantly going to Bliss Spa in NYC with my family was the best! Since my birthday is early in the month, I had more time for day drinks, exploring Manhattan and all the art pop-ups that came with it, taking graduation pictures shot by my great friend Kim, and (you guessed it) more sorority functions.

IMG_7830 3.JPG
IMG_7826 3.JPG
IMG_7829 3.JPG


IMG_7834 3.JPG

With finals and graduation on the horizon, all that was important was friends, studying, making a boatload of memories, and having the most fun I could have. Those four years really have flown by so fast . . .

June/ July


After graduating from college, it was time to CELEBRATE!! My mom decided to purchase the house of our dreams and the water toys that were able to add since we have a dock, my best friend from high school got secretly married (but it’s not so secret anymore), visited my hometown and with special family, began my internship hunt in NYC, as well as the the interview process!



White Marlin Open are my favorite five days of this month because it’s filled with lots of fishing, music, friends, big boats, and even bigger drinks. I also continued the interview process in NYC for internships and got a lot of great feedback and opportunities.




I finally packed up (most of) my things and headed for The Big Apple! This month I went to NYFW (AGAIN?!) and I saw Paris Hilton across from me when I sat front row at the Jasmine show. Deciding move to New York, move in with my sister and pursue two internships, one for social media and one for public relations, I knew it was going to be a mental and personal challenge but I was ready to push myself out of my boundaries - looking back, I am glad I did.



My internships took over my life



Life changes. God gives and he takes away. He called back my grandmother on All Saints Day (which was pretty appropriate because she had a heart of gold). Although this isn’t the first time i’ve lost someone I love dearly, it truly never gets easier. Because life unfortunately has to go on, we made sure to take a road-trip down south to spend the holidays around family and to celebrate and appreciate each other and our surroundings.



I went to my first SantaCon in Manhattan and it was so much fun!! Seeing thousands of people dressed in their best Santa outfits was a sight to see and watching them chug their drinks and cuddle puppies was even better! I also got the chance to model with my sister for a local boutique in Fenwick called Indigo Octopus which benefited the American Cancer Society, went Christmas tree shopping and decorated our beautiful house for the holiday season, and celebrated the past year the the start of 2019 at Seacrets in OCMD!