This past week my mom and myself headed up to New York where we met and a few friends of my mine and my sisters for a few days of girls fun! We all met my sister in Manhattan on Friday and decided to get a table at Avenue, which turned out to be great idea because we had loads of fun. All of us went out, including mom and more of my sisters friends from the city and we had such a great time (from what I can remember)!! 

My Look:

Shirt: Free People // Shorts: Nordstrom  // Shoes: Steve Madden // Bag: Latico Leathers // Choker: H&M


The day after was a struggle, but we all survived by eating pizza, cookies, water and (chocolate) milk.  we all headed to the Hudson River Pier to watch the sunset and I thought that was a great time to bring out my camera to take some great pics. It's also turned out to be a fun photoshoot for my mom, dog and my friend and sorority sister Nicole.


On the second to last day we were in the city, my mom, sister and I decided to venture out of Manhattan and headed for the Brooklyn Bridge. I'm super happy that "Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge" can now be checked off my Bucket List!! 

My Look:

Shirt: Morning Lavender  // Denim Overalls: Urban Outfitters// Shoes: Steve Madden // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban