Since I've Been Gone..


So, I just realized I first created this post in January after I got back from my study abroad trip in Dublin, London and Paris and well - one thing led to another and I became super busy with sorority recruitment, studying, and my social life.. so here I am, finally finishing this post. It has been far too long since my last one and I feel like I have grown and experienced so much, so its time to share!!

The three weeks in January that I was abroad studying photography with my school has to be the best and worst three weeks of my entire life- and no I'm not exaggerating. While the plane was descending into Heathrow, I started getting sick (like a sweaty, clammy mess) which totally wasn't how I pictured the beginning of my first time abroad. But, I made the best of it and thankfully I had two of the best professors there to help calm me and get me the remedies I needed. After the first few days being in the flat, I started to feel better which made me enjoy my time in London even more.

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What made this trip truly memorable wasn't seeing all the historical landmarks and being in another country, but being able to rely on myself, get out of my comfort zone and meet people I wouldn't have otherwise been able to meet. Don't get me wrong, traveling to see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Damn, London Eye, Versailles, the Guinness Factory, Musée d'Orsay, the Louvre and MANY, MANY more, were also great as well, but I believe that the bonds that we as humans create with each other  while we experience new adventures are far more valuable than the actual adventure to a certain destination. I got to become friends with people who enjoy history, traveling, eating, photography, shopping and art history which is unusual to me because I've never been surrounded by people that I had so much intellectually in common with.  I have always dreamed of traveling, and being in a group with people with similar interests as myself made this experience even more memorable.

I have a lot planned for this summer and I am super excited to share what is coming soon. Stay tuned!! xx