Life's A Beach

There is no better escape from reality, in my opinion, than getting outside in your swimsuit on a sunny day and going to the beach. The calm, soothing sounds of waves crashing against the shore as you try and get as tan as you can, instantly recharges your body for the days ahead. Since I was little, my family and I would annually migrate to the Eastern Shore of Maryland as the weather would warm up—not only for the beach, but to also enjoy the town and the quality family time that we get when we go. Throughout those years, my love for the beach life grew even more and I eventually became so fond of the beautiful place that I decided to attend the closest university, which happens to be a short 30 minutes away. 



Ocean City, MD is considered my home away from home and its been amazing being able explore this resort town with my friends and family. Each time we wander outside, we almost always find a new side of town that we haven't seen before–whether it be a new restaurant, clothing store, hotel, outside recreation, or entertainment area. There's something new for you to try every time you're there and the rentals are affordable!

OCMD is home to some of my absolute favorite places and things to do. Other than going to the beach or playing in the water with rentals or what-not, going to the adorable clothing boutiques makes the trip worth while! Larger stores like South Moon Under and Quiet Storm are always fun and always have lots of variety but when going to a smaller boutique such as Alexis Jade Boutique or Ragamuffin, you are bound to find something you'll absolutely LOVE with items varying from chokers and other small jewelry pieces to a beautiful white two piece short and shirt set! When it comes time to eat my favorite meal of the day (breakfast), you'll find the most delicious french toast and cream chip beef at General's Kitchen. But if your not up for that, or want to go out to a good brunch, Barn 34 not only serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it's the place to go for the best Mimosas (from what I've heard) and Eggs Benedict. Other delicious lunch/dinner restaurants include Seacrets Jamacia USAde Lazy LizzardRopewalkThe Crab Bag and Real Raw Organics. For dessert, one can keep an eye out for the bright colored signs that locate the many locations of Candy Kitchen which is home to all different types of homemade candy, toffy and different ice creams but I absolute love to go to Dumser's Dairyland for dessert. There is honestly noting better than having one of their shakes after dinner to end the night.


If you ever need an escape from life and live close, Ocean City, MD is the place to visit! 

Here's a look at some fun my sister and I had on our Jet Ski ride!