The Big Apple

New York City. 

Everything about those three words and their meaning make me nervous and excited. Within the city there are millions of individuals, each having their own story and dreams that they wish to accomplish. Once there, reality sets in and they have a choice to make something of themselves, like they have always wanted, or they can fade to the background. My fear is fading into the background. I've always had dreams of moving to NYC but I have a fear of having reality set in and not being mentally ready and just shutting down completely. I've never really been good on my own. I always had family and roommates to count on, which has been a blessing. But I've realized there is only so much they can do for me and that I need to become even more independent and confident in myself and my skills than I am now. Those who I have conversed with said that moving to New York City makes you grow into yourself and who you are meant to be and you become more cautious of yourself and your surroundings. In the next few years I hope to move to New York City, especially if it could be for a short summer internship. With all the nervousness and fear that gather in my brain when I think of the city, I also think about how beautiful it is and how many people and chances there are.

I love how everyone has their own story. You can walk down a street one day and meet five different people from five different states and, oftentimes, countries. Everyone has a different reason and a purpose of being there, whether it be on business, for leisure, or just to escape the life they left. 


So, as y'all know this summer I am interning with CollegeFashionista (CF) as a Style Guru which gives me the chance to photograph stylish trends that I encounter. Through this internship and with only being around two months in, I have already met so many wonderful individuals that share the same creative drive and passions that I do. This past June I was able to attend a branding workshop with my sister, Bethany Durst, who is apart of CF's Social Media Society (you can check out her blog here!). The workshop was hosted by CollegeFashionista and Spring and was held at Spring's headquarters on 5th Ave (their office was absolutely stunning!). It was very influential hearing strategies from successful women such as Jodie and Danielle Snyder who created Dannijo, and Misha Nonoo, a womenswear designer, about how to market yourself and to get where you want to be in life by being passionate and putting yourself out there to meet and discover new people.

While we were in NYC and after the CF event, we met up with a few friends at the Dormify NYC pop up event. At the event there were various tables set up each for different companies including Latico Leathers and Jewel Erry (both I am obsessed with). I am looking forward to traveling up to NYC again soon and all of the other awesome events that College Fashionista has planned for the rest of the summer including their next upcoming event about health and beauty with speakers Kristie Dash from Allure and Alyssa Coscarelli of Refinery29!


Because we couldn't just stay in our hotel for the rest of the trip, my family and I did some exploring throughout the famous Upper East Side (thank you Gossip Girl) where we had to stop and get some Sprinkles Cupcakes (YUM!!) and visit Central Park. After barely making a dent in Central Park, we moved on to Midtown where we made our way to Bryant Park after walking the famous High Line where you could see both the Hudson River and the streets of Chelsea (definitely something you should do if you get the chance). From there, we went to the Flatiron District and took lots of pictures with the famous Flatiron Building (my favorite), and our last stop in Manhattan was in SOHO to go shopping at one of my favorite stores, LF.

Making our way out of the city the next morning, we decided to take a detour home to make a special stop in Brooklyn at The Bagel Store, home of the prettiest, most delicious bagel you will ever see. Their bagel creator, Scot Rossillo, is the man behind the magic of the wonderful edible art. If you want to go there to try one yourself, make sure you time it out right cause their lines tend to get pretty crazy!


Driving out of the city is always a bitter-sweet experience but it leaves me hopeful for whats to come and my next adventures.